REGR 4D Library

REGR (REGistry Reader) is a 4D code library that allows you to read the content of a Windows registry key into your 4D database.

REGR Features 

  1. Uses AP Sublaunch (or other executor method) to execute a simple 4D generated batch file that reads the registry.

  2. Reads the registry key data into 4D and displays the keys content.

  3. Is packaged as a simple 4D 6.7 demo database. Can be merged into another 4D database using 4D Insider or copy and paste. (1 form, 7 methods)

  4. Tested on Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0

REGR Dialog

The sample database allows you to browse the registry and display a key's content:

REGR Pricing

REGR is provided free of charge.

REGR Download

Click here to download a zip file containing the sample database. (Please note that if you encounter problems running the demo - then you should replace the call to AP Sublaunch to a call to AP ShellExecute - available by adding the 4D_PACK plugin to the demo's WIN4DX directory.)



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