4D Developer Products

Nufocus Inc. provides products for 4D developers. Purchase TENG, an enhanced reporting tool for 4D, or DOCC, a robust turn key document management code library for 4D and other free products and demos from here.

Research Grant Central

Designed to service the needs of large health research departments, Research Grant Central delivers grant, finance, and reviewer tracking capabilities in a powerful client-server, web-capable package. Click here to see more about the Research Grant Central system.


CompositeMaker is a full-featured composite creation software package catering to school photography companies. Once a school photo shoot is complete, one of the most time-consuming aspects of the product suite preparation is the creation of a graduation class composite for display in the school lobby. CompositeMaker makes a multi-day task happen in minutes. Once a quick import of student names is complete, a composite is computer generated in the layout you wish in minutes. Output files can immediately be sent to a printing/plotting service bureau for rapid final hard-copy creation. CompositeMaker is available for both Macintosh and Windows.

KIDZ Viewer

KIDZ Viewer is a Windows or Macintosh software application that enables organisations to create, search, and track individuals within their organisation. Originally written to cater to the needs of public schools, Kidz Viewer is now being used by companies to track employee information, images and biographies. Kidz Viewer can be obtained free of charge by contacting Nufocus Inc.

PARS Reporter

PARS Reporter is a Microsoft Windows and Macintosh application that allows you to quickly and easily enter and maintain your CIDA-specific Program Activity information. With minimal effort, you can then export that Partner Activity information in the format used by CIDA’s Program Activity Reporting System (PARS). In PARS Reporter, Activity Information is collected and stored permanently. More Info...

GanttProject Integrator

GanttProject Integrator is a Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX application that offers management and integration of control of several GanttProject files. Great for project leaders and program managers in a technical environment. More Info...

Gateway Enterprise Manager

Gateway Enterprise Manager is a comprehensive project contract and resource management system that is designed to service the needs of both small and medium sized organisations operating in technical environments. More Info...